The Goulash House

the goulash house

This past Sunday, my husband and I visited The Goulash House on Main St. in Newmarket, ON. We had come across it on a walk one night and decided that we needed to check it out! We were beyond thrilled with our experience.

Upon entering, we were greeted by two very friendly, authentic Hungarian waiters. They seated us at the table in the right front window (see photo above). It was a cozy nook that was perfect for a couple. We had some privacy while still being able to enjoy the natural light streaming in.

My husband ordered the Wooden Platter for 1  and I ordered the Beef Goulash. If you are interested to see what else they had to offer, check out their menu. The appetizer was included with the main course. My appetizer was a Hungarian pea soup with paprika. It was delicious and a perfect light start to my meal! My husband had the cabbage roll which was served with sauerkraut. It was so big that it could have been a meal in itself!

The Goulash House

Beef Goulash

The goulash was served in a hot kettle and consisted of beef, carrots, potatoes, and dumplings (nokedli). The chunks of beef were incredibly tender! The carrots and potatoes were very soft and flavourful, and the dumplings were delicious. Serving the goulash in the kettle is a great idea since it keeps the stew warm. The ladle was used to scoop the goulash into the eating dish.

Wooden Platter for 1

Wooden Platter for 1

The wooden platter consisted of: pickles, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, roast potatoes, debreziner sausage, smoked bacon, pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, and wiener schnitzel! The presentation of this dish was very impressive. Each cut of meat was incredibly moist, tender, and flavourful. The vegetables were a nice light touch to break up the pieces of meat. If you are not sure what type of meat to order, this really would be your best option. The amount of food is enough for 2 people, even though it is labelled “for 1”.

For a romantic Valentine’s Day date (or at any time of the year!), I would suggest ordering this wooden platter for 1, along with the mini goulash as an appetizer, and red wine! We had the house wine and it was perfect. For dessert, you can follow our lead and order espresso along with crépe Gundel. Crépe Gundel is served as two crépes filled with rum-soaked walnuts, covered with chocolate sauce, and then flambéed with more rum! It was simply exquisite.

We can’t wait to go back and see what else they have to offer!


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  1. I should already know this by now – it’s terrible reading a food blog in the morning! It’s only 11AM and I’m already getting hungry! That meat platter Alex ordered looks DELICIOUS! And I actually never had goulash before!

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